Boxing Day Sale! Extended!


Boxing day? or Booksing day?

If the Big Boxes get you down, drop by until January 6th for deals on graphic novels, toys and more! Here are the details!

  • Graphic Novels, Trade Paperbacks: 20% off
  • Manga and Books: 20% off
  • Funko POP! Vinyls: 20% off
  • Action Figures: 20% off
  • Disney Princess Figurines: 20% off
  • Statues, Plush toys, & 12″ Dolls: 10% off
  • Board Games: 10% off
  • Gift Wares: 10% off
  • Hundreds of back issues have been permanently marked down 40‒60%*
  • Heroclix singles $1.00 (with exceptions)


Excluded from sale: 

  • card games
  • new comics
  • back issues not marked down
  • dollar bin items including those over $1
  • other items already marked down

*I promise to finish the rest! Finally!

This sale runs until Saturday, January 31st Friday, January 6!